Sunday, December 20

Project Antivent - Day Twenty

There's a thin line between challenge and frustration. Knowing that you died because you fucked up, as opposed to a cheap shot is, simultaneously irritating and gratifying - yeah, you died, but at least you can improve. If any game personified this line, it would be God Hand, hated and adored in equal measure for its almost crushing difficulty. If you 'got' it, it was a stupidly fun OTT beat-em-up, a modern-day relic of a simpler era. If you didn't, it was too hard, the graphics were shit and too stupid to bother with (see: the feckless idiots at IGN.)

Aside from it's difficulty, the other thing it's famed for is its sense of humour. Almost nothing is taken seriously, and in an age of generic bald space marines who take everything super serial, that's only a good thing. Its developers, Clover, died after releasing a scant four games, each and every one a burst of colour and life in a brown and grey world.

Today's offering is the closing theme from God Hand. If you've never played it, this is a great example of what to expect. If you have, you'll probably know the words by heart.

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