Thursday, December 24

Project Antivent - Day Twenty Four

Time for something very different today. I know I said at the start I said I was keeping this to one series/one song, and yes, this is from a Final Fantasy game, but bear with me, my reasoning is just.

Dancing Mad
was originally the final boss theme from Final Fantasy VI, probably my favourite of the series. In its original form, the track was great, but sadly it hasn't quite aged as well as others. You should probably listen to it before we go any further. Go ahead, I'll be waiting here.

Heard it? Great.

Hellion Sounds is a group that covers game music. Yes, another one. But rather than doing a straight up cover, they take the general spirit of the music and embellish it til it doesn't just shine, it radiates with the brightness of a sun. They take the original music and turn a good song into something beyond special. Words honestly can't do this one justice. Just click for yourself and see what I mean.

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